I have been a life long lover of Jewelry, but vintage jewelry is my favorite because of it's uniqueness, it's character and quality.

Hello and welcome to my shop, Carol'sVintage Jewelry. I have loved vintage jewelry for as long as I can remember and I'm just thrilled that I've taken the leap and opened my own shop so that I can share what I love with you. Each time someone favorites one of my items, it just tickles me!

So to give you some insight on my background and life, I live in a home that was built in Circa 1795. It's a historical home and the home of Captain John Furgeson, who was a captain in the civil war, fighting along side General John Stark, who gave him the land for this home way back when. So I mention this only because I think it speaks volumes about what I think about anything vintage or antique :)

By trade, I was a Principal Quality Assurance Software Engineer, now retired. On a normal level, anything that I'd certify for work, lasted all of maybe 3 years, if I'm pushing it. But the vintage items, the jewelry, if well kept, seem to be able to last a lifetime... I just love that. And quality is in my blood, so anything in my shop, I do my best to represent as accurately as I can and I do my best to find the most cleanest, nicest items to share with all of you. If something is not described to a specification that you think it should have been, please reach out to me and I will make it right. I strive to please and want nothing but happy customers!! Thanks so much for checking out my shop.

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